Skate Ivy

I love skateboarding, but hate the idea of dressing like a skateboarder. Obviously, in the contemporary scene that’s a bit of a non-issue; you can dress like Dylan (RIP) or you can dress like Lucien Clarke, you’re still a skateboarder. Ivy league, however, is not necessarily a look that lends itself to skateboarding. It’s slim, it’s sharp and it’s expensive.

Beyond Andrew Allen’s latest look there’s hardly even a hint of ivy in skate style, but it can be done without shredding through your best chinos and vintage Brooks oxfords. The hardwearing poly-cotton slack, an American menswear mainstay since the 60s, comes into it’s own once again, this time by skater favourite Dickies in their most ivy, slim & tapered 872 cut.

Next up, the t-shirt. Plain white or a grey marl is fine, but surf stripes are a West Coast style staple and a surf classic and so are automatically skate-ready. The M. Nii example below is USA made and hip as they come on the t-shirt front! I’ve thrown a blue Uniqlo OCBD in to the mix too. Oxford cloth is hardwearing enough to take a few falls and doesn’t look hideous creased so it’s a good choice if tees aren’t your thing.

The sweatshirt is an American sportswear classic (for the same reason, I’ve thrown a cheeky baseball cap in there…). Plain grey or navy are the only acceptable options. I like Champion Reverse Weave simply because of their history, but the Joe McCoy’s Ballpark sweats or Buzz Rickson’s offering are pretty rad (if a little on the pricy side for something you’re going to fall in a lot) too.

Shoes is kind of where this gets hardest. The classic CVO is both and ivy league and skateboarding staple, but canvas is just the worst to skate in. A pair of Vans Authentics will last you a week at best. Instead I’m pretty keen on the Rowley Solos from Vans. Based on Geoff’s favourite shoe, the made in USA Vans Era, it’s got a great profile and a suede toe to keep it durable. Ideal!



Ebbs Field Flannels 1936 Black Yankees cap


M. Nii striped tee


Uniqlo OCBD


Champion Reverse Weave


Joe McCoy’s Ballpark Sweatshirt


Dickies 872 Navy


Dickies 872 Beige


Vans Rowley Solos


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