In Defence of; The Ball Cap

I was never without one when I was younger. Always New Era, always Yankees and always with the flattest peak I could get. Then I became a mod and rejected anything that I deemed pedestrian sportswear. But, thank heavens, I graduated from that school, discovering 90-odd years of fantastic fashion, so much of which includes sportswear and workwear. Whether you wear one or not, the ball cap is an icon of menswear & a perfect example of sportswear entering the casual wardrobe.

The best about right now are, of course, from Ebbets and Ideal, both of whom manufacture (by hand, in the US, no less) OG style ball caps far removed from either the manky 90s style polo caps (that have somehow begun gracing the heads of hypebeasts again ) or the New Era’s of my youth. These are timeless, inoffensive, masculine and, dare I say it, actually quite grown up. Here’s some boom-years inspo….


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